Complete Playground Management & Maintenance

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Your playground represents not only a long-term investment, but a safe haven for children of all ages and abilities. If properly maintained, it can provide fun and exploration for decades.Playground Guardian is a full service playground management and maintenance solution that will help you successfully manage and maintain your parks and playgrounds.

Playground Guardian can offer you personalized on-site services:

  • Low Frequency Inspections
  • Playground Audits
  • ADA Assessments
  • Safety Surface Testing

In addition, Playground Guardian can perform a few minor maintenance items such as tightening bolts, "S" hooks etc. Playground Guardian can also provide training for your staff on playground maintenance and management.

Park Protector Inspection Software


Playground Guardian can also offer customers an exclusive "Cloud" based software program to monitor your entire park system, and ensure records are secure and easy to access. This exclusive inspection software, Park Protector, is available to purchase on a subscription basis and includes the following:

  • Listing of all playground sites
  • Full inventory of equipment including photos
  • Hazard identification and risk analysis
  • Automated To Do lists and work orders for maintenance
  • Accident and Complaint Records Full list of printable reports
  • InspectALL module allows you to inspection anything in your parks system
  • Use your current inspection forms with our software
  • iPad and Android Inspection app
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RENEW: Make your playground NEW again!

If your playground is worn and weathered, but you are not in the market for a completely new playground, try our proven RENEW program.


See the difference with our proven reconditioning methods.

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