Ease of Procurement & Contract Pricing

We help park and recreation professionals, schools, landscape architects, and youth organizations create outdoor recreation solutions for every generation. Many of our customers purchase playground equipment, outdoor fitness products, and other site amenities through our collaborative purchasing agreement with OMNIA Partners.

If you are interested in getting the best prices without the hassle of a lengthy bid process, read on to learn about our partnership with OMNIA.

What is OMNIA Partners?

OMNIA Partners is a National Collaborative Purchasing Program that is available to all state and local government groups, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Through OMNIA Partners, you can forgo the bid process and secure significant discounts on GameTime products and services with a true turnkey solution.

Why You Should Purchase Playground Equipment Through OMNIA Partners

Customers who purchase GameTime products through OMNIA Partners benefit from completing more projects within existing budgets, reducing bid and solicitation costs, and consolidating contracts. There is no cost or fee to participate in the OMNIA Partners purchasing program.

Other benefits include:

  • Best overall pricing leveraging economies of scale
  • No cost to use
  • No minimum spending requirements
  • The convenience of purchasing now without a lengthy bid process

Eligible agencies:

  • Counties and municipalities
  • Parks and recreation departments
  • K-12 schools (public, private and charter schools)
  • Colleges and universities (public and private)
  • State government
  • Non-profit (any designation) and foundations
  • HOAs, churches, preschools, and early learning centers

How to Participate

OMNIA Partners offers the most robust portfolio of high-quality contracts in the public space while creating streamlined and cost-effective procurement. Participation gives your agency or institution access to the GameTime contract and many other solutions so that you and your organization can achieve your strategic goals. Visit the OMNIA partners website to learn more about GameTime’s contract and how to participate in the program.

Wherever You Are, We’re Local

For more information about our cooperative purchasing agreements, financing options, or ways to find funding for your play and recreation project, us. We can help you select the right products to meet the needs of your community within your space and budget requirements.